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SharePoint–Azure Resources

I found several SharePoint on Azure resources in the last couple days. Here they are for your (and my future) reference:

SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

A white paper by David Aiken and Dan Wesley. Synopsis: “This document provides guidance on how to deploy and operate a MIcrosoft SharePoint 2013 Server farm on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.”

Installing SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

This is a tutorial continuation of the above white paper. Synopsis: “This tutorial contains the instructions for deploying a SharePoint 2013 farm on a set of Windows Azure Virtual Machines. The configuration consists of eight Virtual Machines. Each machine performs one of four roles, with duplication to ensure high availability”

SharePoint Deployment on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

A white paper from Microsoft (unattributed author). Synopsis: “This paper provides guidance about the benefits of Windows Azure Virtual Machines and explains how to deploy SharePoint Server 2010 on Windows Azure Virtual Machines.”

SharePoint Server 2013 Trial VM

You’ll need to find this pre-configured SharePoint 2013 VM in the Azure Gallery. Synopsis: “Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Trial on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. Virtual Machines created with this trial image will expire on March 17, 2014. This image includes a complete installation of SharePoint Server 2013. Some SharePoint Server 2013 components require additional setup and configuration. You can set-up Active Directory and SQL Server required for your SharePoint farm by provisioning additional virtual machines. Minimum recommended virtual machine size for this image is Large. To evaluate the advanced capabilities of SharePoint Server 2013, we recommend that you use a virtual machine size of Extra Large.”

SharePoint Developer Virtual Machine in Azure Gallery

There is also a pre-configured developer VM geared toward SharePoint 2013 development. Synopsis: “The Visual Studio 2013 image is an exclusive offer for MSDN subscribers and provides the capability to quickly provision a development environment for Web/SQL development and for SharePoint 2013 development on an Azure Virtual machine. The image is available for MSDN Professional, Premium and Ultimate subscribers. You need to choose an image that corresponds to your subscription level. Visual Studio will check your subscription level during sign in and will only allow you to proceed if your subscription level matches the VS SKU on the image.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Professional|Premium|Ultimate
  • Windows Azure SDK for .NET 2.2
  • SQL Server 2012 SP1 Developer Edition
  • SharePoint 2013 Trial
  • Scripts to provision SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server

The scripts on the image allow you to configure the virtual machine for either SQL, Web development or for SharePoint development. The virtual machine can be provisioned through the portal or through PowerShell and PowerShell Remoting. This tutorial will guide you through both options.”

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