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Blog » Alexa on Azure: Part 11 Intent Consolidation

Alexa on Azure: Part 11 Intent Consolidation

When I created the Ask Teenager Skills originally, I started with a bunch of sample utterances. These fell into two categories: Asking an opinion about something or asking the teenager to do something. In either case, the teenager responds by informing you that the thing your asking about or the thing your asking the teenager to do sucks. (It’s a totally stupid skill and yet it makes me laugh.) In a previous article I wrote about how I ended up trimming the utterances way down through the use of custom slots, but I still had two intents. I’ve come to realize that since the response is pretty much identical, I can consolidate these two intents. I still need the catch all intent I described in that article.

Since I like the slot terminology for Question & Subject. I got rid of Query and Activity and merged those sample values back into the Question & Subject slots.

My Utterances are now even more basic:


My Intents are simple.


Updating the code was just s few deletes.

Posted: 5/1/2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Miller | with 0 comments