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Moving to Office 2010

I'm getting ready to install Office 2010 RTM on my working laptop – not on a VM. Since, for the time being, the majority of my support work is done on MOSS, I had to be sure I would still be able to run SharePoint Designer 2007 alongside the 2010 version. And, if you're wondering, yes according to the SharePoint Team Blog, it can be done.


A Few Limitations to Call Out

Early on in development we made a tough choice. Not supporting backwards compatibility with SharePoint v3 and earlier. This means that SPD 2010 will only work with SharePoint 2010. Although this was hard, it allowed us to build better, farther and test deeper. I almost think of SPD 2010 as a new product, a new toolset for SharePoint 2010. This of course means that we are supporting side-by-side installation of SPD 2007 and 2010. There is one important thing to keep in mind when setting up side-by-side. Stick to the same flavor of clients (x64 and x86). SPD 2007 only came in x86, so only use x86 SPD 2010 when installing side-by-side. This is for all Microsoft Office apps as well. So don't install 64-bit SPD with 32-bit Office.

Post install: thumbs up! Both Office 2010 Professional Plus and SharePoint Designer 2010 installed without issues.

I did first uninstall Office 2007, but left SharePoint Designer 2007 in place. I had seen a blog post stating that you needed to change the default install path if you wanted to run Office 2007 side-by-side with Office 2010. I wondered if that was the case with SPD, but decided to roll the dice and leave the default path in place. Post install, both versions of SPD are installed and running without conflict.

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