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Web Publishing the Precompiled Functions

In part 1 of my Alexa on Azure series, I covered web publishing from Visual Studio. Well with the switch to Visual Studio and precompiled functions, the technique has shifted a little. You can no longer see your function apps as valid targets when publishing from VS2017, so you have to use a publishing profile.

Browse to your function app in the Azure Portal. Then in the left pane, click the Function app settings link at the bottom.

Function App Settings

Now click the Go to App Service Settings button.

App Service Settings Button

and click the Get publish profile link at the top.

Get Publish Profile

Save the downloaded profile somewhere local.

Back in VS 2017, right click your project and select Publish.

Publish Option

Choose the Import Profile option, then browse to your downloaded publishing profile and select it.

Import Profile

Here’s a little bit of jankiness: as soon as you import the profile, it will immediately publish. You won’t have the opportunity to adjust any settings until your second publish. Maybe this behavior will change later, but at this time, you’ll have to wait for the publish to complete. Then click the Settings link.

Publish Settings

Then on the settings tab, expand the file publish options and check the first two boxes.

Set Options

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