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Creating a Feedly RSS for Kentico

imageA user pointed out to me recently that my site was not Feedly compliant. Although I use a different App to read news, I understand that it’s critical to push content into these mobile apps. In fact, if you’re creating long form content once or twice a week, ensuring you can syndicate your content into mobile apps is even more important than having a responsive design on your site.

I know that I’m neglecting the mobile form factor on my blog already. It’s a deficiency I’ll correct sometime, but for now it’s a choice between creating content and implementing a responsive design. However, generating an appropriately working RSS feed was simply an oversight that I was not willing to live with. The solution was simple and for the most part, it’s documented on Kentico’s dev site.

You can add an RSS feed to any page, but I wanted it on all pages, so within the Pages application, I opened the root

Select the Root

On the Design tab, click on the zoneBottom and select add new web part.

Add New Web Part

Either search or drill down into Syndication to select the CMS RSS feed


In the feed link section, the choices are obvious: Link text, color, & icon size.

In the RSS section, set these fields:

  • Feed Name = “Posts” this will be used for the feed URL. (”
  • Feed title = “Intranoggin” this is the feed title that will shows in the mobile apps
  • Feed Description = “use your site description”
  • Feed Querystring key = “rss”, again, this is used in the feed URL, change if desired.

In the content section, you can choose a starting point within your site hierarchy, such as ‘Blogs’. Use the select button to navigate to the desired location or enter /% to match everything from the root down.

Each item in the RSS feed is formatted by our selection in the Transformations section, and Kentico comes with a working transformation out of the box; we just need to choose it. Click the Select button. and then pick the Blog post page type and select the CMS.BlogPost.RSSItem


In the Content Filter section, you can choose a specific type of page to filter. I just want Blog posts to show, so i used the select button to choose CMS.BlogPost. By default, the feed is in ascending order based on the modified date. However I wanted descending based on the post’s published date. so I entered “BlogPostDate DESC” in the Order by expression. Ensure the ‘Select only published’ option is checked. Also, I only wanted the most recent 10 posts, so I set ‘'Select top N pages to 10.

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