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Kentico on Azure: DB Creation

The first step in getting Kentico set up on Azure is to create the Azure SQL DB. Since we’ll eventually create both a prod instance and a dev slot instance of our site, we’ll want to have two databases. We’ll start with the production database first.

Production DB:

1. Click new and select Databases>SQL Database

 Create SQL Database

2. Enter the DB name, select your subscription, create a new Resource Group, select Source = Blank Database.

3. For Server, click Create a new server. Fill in the server name, admin, password, and select a region.

NOTE: you will use this admin username/password later in the web app connection string.

Tip: If you’re not already using a password manager, now would be a good time to start. I personally like Last Pass ( Using it, it’s easy to generate and use a very long (up to 100 characters) password for these accounts.

 Server Settings

4. Pricing tier = S1 for production

 Select Pricing Tier

Development Slot DB

1. Click new and select Databases>SQL Database

2. Enter the DB name, Select your subscription, Select the Resource Group you created above, Select Source = Blank Database.

Tip: If you name your development db identical to the prod db, but insert ‘Dev’, it will name it easier to keep the resource straight later and help when entering connection strings.

Example: my production database is IntranogginKenticoDB, so my development database is IntranogginKenticoDevDB

3. For Server, select the SQL Server you created above.

4. Pricing tier = S0 for development.

Select Pricing Tier

NOTE: The development site will run on the Basic pricing tier. However, we may want to use the database copy feature later on, so we’ll need to put both databases in a similar pricing tier.

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