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5th Annual Heartland SharePoint Conference

The 5th annual Heartland SharePoint Conference is coming up on May 15, 2014.

ICC SharePoint Conference

Check out the site,, for Session & Speaker information and to register. The event is free and is a great chance to talk to other SharePoint users, developers, and administrators. If you’re in the process of rolling out SP 2013 this is a great conference to network with folks from other companies to discuss issues and gotchas and find out what has been working at other organizations. There are also plenty of experts on hand to answer questions.

This year’s conference will focus on Microsoft SMAC solutions (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Clout). Steve Caravajal, Director of Digital Strategy and Architecture – Microsoft Corporation, will keynote the event.

My session is titled “Practical App Model Development for Practically Everything.” It’s a 200 level session where I’ll be giving a brief overview of the SharePoint App Model and then giving some examples of where you can begin using it.

Here’s the full development track:

Ryan Miller, Clutch: Practical App Model Development for Practically Everything.

Microsoft released the SharePoint 2013 App Model a little over a year ago and it’s beginning to take hold. This development and distribution platform is more flexible and scalable than ever before. Plus it lays down a standard that allows us to create solutions that run both on premises and on Office 365.

In this 200 level session, we’ll give a brief introduction to the SharePoint 2013 App Model and then use it to solve a few Enterprise problems. We’ll cover app deployment both on premises and in Office 365.

Josey Neidhart, Clutch​: Responsive Development: Like a Pearl Jam Song, It Sounds Great but the Interpretation is Confusing

Now that you know what the design and planning process behind a responsive project looks like, how do you actually build a responsive site? This presentation is a fun take on how to develop responsively on SharePoint. We’ll make sense of the cluster of information that causes developers’ heads to bounce off keyboards from elevated frustration levels. We’ll cover tips, tricks, and tools. It’s time to show mobile some love and build that dreamy responsive site!

​Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex: Workflow for Everyone, Everywhere Your Content Is

Wouldn’t it be simple if all your information were in one neat repository? Well, it isn’t. It’s housed in a myriad of locations throughout your organization…and you’ve got to deal with it. This demo-intensive session will show Nintex in action, quickly and easily building workflows that start in SharePoint and extend to LOB systems, social media, content repositories, transaction services, web services, databases, and more.

Chris Campbell, ICC: ALM Using Microsoft TFS

Most organizations are familiar with Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a means for source code control and occasionally automated build services. However, this only scratches the surface. TFS is a fully capable Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool which supports an application from conception through requirements gathering, design, construction, quality assurance, delivery, ongoing maintenance, and governance.  In this session we’ll demonstrate how many companies have made the leap from using TFS only for source control to fully leveraging its capabilities throughout the lifetime of an application.​

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