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SPMail utility on Codeplex

I blogged a while ago about feeding SharePoint's incoming email from a POP3 account. Yesterday, I posted the SPMail utility to codepex. You can use this to pull mail from a POP3 account and place it in SharePoint's drop folder. The below setup instructions are from the readme file in the project.

Note that this project makes use of the POP3 client in the Indy.Sockets project (

  1. Create a folder where you want your email to get processed, such as C:\SPMail
  2. In Central Admin; operations>incoming email settings, set your implementation to retrieve mail from a drop folder and enter the folder path you used in step 1.
  3. Put the spmail utility on your machine and set up its configuration file. Any POP3 enabled email server will work, but this example uses branded Gmail (part of Google apps)



<!-- Pop Client Settings-->

<add key="popHost" value=""/>

<add key="popPort" value="995"/>

<add key="popUser" value=""/>

<add key="popPassword" value="passw0rd"/>

<!-- Drop Box Settings-->

<add key="dropFolderPath" value="c:\SPMail"/>



  1. Set up a timer job to run spmail.exe on a regular basis, like every 5 minutes.

NOTE: You'll need to get your mail into your pop account. You can do that with groups, aliases, or a catch all account.

NOTE 2: SharePoint ignores everything after the @ when processing incoming mail, so you may be able to use that to your advantage if you're in a hosted environment. i.e. I can forward to and everything should work fine.

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