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What I'm... Reading

Well, finished reading actually. Nyck Flynn's memoir: Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

I'll flat out admit that I bought this book purely for the title. How can you pass by a book called Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and not buy it? Eventually, I even read it and I liked it, though it was not at all what I expected.

It's about the author's life and his relationship with his homeless father. It's a great read, both entertaining and eye opening.

Flynn does a fantastic job of sliding between well planned prose and stream of consciousness writing. Some of the stream of consciousness stuff is better than others. At one point he becomes playwright marking out a 10 page surreal drama between 5 Santas. The play takes place in his mind after finding that his father has been hired as a Salvation Army Santa. It was an interesting idea, but was just awful to read. I made it through about page 6 before skipping on. At another point, which I thought was genius, Flynn spends a chunk of his life in a drug and alcoholic stupor, stuck in the monotonous routine of a life going nowhere. However, Flynn doesn't come out and say that, instead he marks this time in the book with a 4 page chapter called same again. It starts off "The usual I say. Blood of Christ I say. Essence. Spirit. Medicine. A hint. A taste. a bump. A snort. I say top shelf. Straight up. Two fingers. A shot. a sip. A nip." And he goes on for 4 pages. It's an amazing collection of euphemisms about booze. In the context of the book, it was somewhat depressing, but I couldn't help thinking what a great set of posters this would have made in my college dorm.

Anyway, enough of a review. If you're in the bookstore and see a copy, buy it for the title. It looks great on a bookshelf. Then, eventually read it. You'll like it.

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