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What I’m… Wasting My Time On.

My Xbox gamer tag got hosed and after 3 tech support calls and a few emails, the final solution was to wipe it out and create a whole new gamer tag from scratch.

The back story is that I created Fuuuker when I got my Zune. It let me create it then and then it brought it over to the Xbox when I got my 360. Then a couple weeks ago they must have updated their profanity monitor and my tag got picked up then. When I logged into xbox live, I got a message that I had to change my tag. I didn't have time then though, so I canceled it. The next time I logged into Zune's site, I got a similar message. Since it's easier to change it there on the PC, I did that – opting to go for Intranoggin.

That only changed it in half the system. Intranoggin showed up on, but my 360 still reflected Fuuuker. I could still log in to xbox live from the console, but I was too nervous to put any money on the account from the PC and I wasn't sure what name to give other gamers to add.

Part of the trouble shooting involved deleting my profile and associated content from the 360, so now I'm back to square 1.

Fuuuker is a pretty sweet looking avatar though, so ProfoundPayload may get a makeover.

Posted: 11/24/2008 8:40:00 AM by Ryan Miller | with 0 comments
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