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Insane Integration

OK, this almost makes my head hurt, so you tell me: Is this level of integration awesome or just ridiculous. Or is it ridiculously awesome?

  1. I use my cell phone, a blackberry pearl to call Jott (speed dial #2, It's OK, my wife isn't offended. If I want to call her, I just hit send and pick her from either the #1 or #2 recent called list)
  2. I have a contact set up for jott with my SharePoint tasks list's email address (you can't email enable a task your list? read on…). So I leave a Jott voice mail for 'task' saying something like clean up your f'ing basement.
  3. Jott transcribes my voicemail, usually with good accuracy, and emails that message, as me, to the 'task' email address.
  4. My task email address goes to a gmail account I have set up (mail for domain is hosted by Google apps *sorry Microsoft*)
  5. My custom app kicks off on my SharePoint server within 5 minutes to pull the mail down from gmail via pop3, and dumps it into a local directory.
  6. SharePoint is configured to pick up incoming email from that local directory, which it does.
  7. The email gets routed into an Announcements list, which I've named Task Receiver and email enabled with the 'task' email address
  8. A SharePoint Designer workflow kicks off for any new items created in the Task Receiver list. The workflow Creates a new item in an actual task list copying it with the announcement's (task receiver) title, body, and created date + 14 days for the tasks title, description and due date respectively. The workflow then deletes the item from the task receiver list.

Awesome? Hells yeah. Keep reading.

  1. I have that particular task list integrated with my local Outlook Client, so when I fire up Outlook, the SharePoint task is synchronized to my Outlook Task List.
  2. NOW I plug in my phone, remember, the blackberry from step 1, and my task list on my blackberry is synchronized with my Outlook Task List.

There you are: from my cell phone, all the way back to my cell phone in only 10 steps. It's true and this proves it, with SharePoint you can build a better mouse trap.

That daisy chain may be the stupidest hack I've ever put together but admit it: it's also pretty freaking cool.

PS. Thanks Corne, I first hear about Jott on your blog, Brian Dump.

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