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Kentico on Azure: Local Install

Before we can publish Kentico up to Azure, we’ll need to get a local instance running. Here’s how to install Kentico 10 Local

1. From, download the Trial Version or Kentico CMS Free Edition


2. Run the installer executable, when you get to the installation choices, choose ‘Custom Installation’

3. For target location and .NET Framework version, choose what you’re comfortable with. Personally I use the Visual Studio version of IIS, and .NET Framework 4.6.

4. The key value here is the Web Project type, be sure to choose the Web Application Project

Tip: For a comparison between these options, check out this post:

Installation Type

5. On the Database screen, I choose the installation with the database – it simplifies the install process and seems to work fine.

6. On the components section, I install all the components, but leave the performance counters, windows event log, and windows services for scheduler unchecked.

Select Components

7. I check to install all the available sample sites.

8. Opt in our out of the improvement program.

9. Click Install

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