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Kentico on Azure: Initial Web Publish

Now that we have the databases, web app, and slot set up on Azure and Kentico 10 installed local we’ll push our Kentico files to the production slot. For now, I’ll use web publishing direct from within Visual Studio, sometime later I’ll try to shift this over to something a little more elegant.

1. If you used the default install location, the Kentico files will be located at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Kentico10.

2. Either launch Visual Studio as an administrator and then open WebApp.sln or double click WebApp.sln and then click to Restart the application under different credentials, which will then open it as an administrator

Open Visual Studio

3. Right click on the CMSApp project and select Publish

Choose Publish

4. On the profile tab, Select Microsoft Azure App Service

Select Profile

5. If you’re not signed in already, you’ll need to enter your Azure credentials. Then select the web app you created and click OK.

Select App Service

NOTE: You can expand your web app and see any deployment slots you’ve created there as well – pretty cool eh? The one at the root is the production slot. In our case, we’re going to end up publishing first to the production slot and then to the dev slot. Another option would be to publish to the dev slot, then swap the slot, then publish to the dev slot again.

6. After you hit OK, it will send you on to the Connection slot. No changes necessary. Click on to Settings.

7. Ensure the configuration is set to Release, and Check to remove additional files at destination. Click next.


HINT: don’t do what I did and check the exclude files form the App_data folder. Without those files, you won’t get far because it won’t be able to build the database.

8. Preview if you want, otherwise, just click Publish. It will take a few minutes to push all the files up and then it will launch the site for you in your browser.

Open Site

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