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Kentico on Azure: First Site Load

The first time we open the site after publishing it, we will need to let the database objects be created. If you’ve followed along so far, it should be fairly simple, though a little time consuming. Here’s the walkthrough of those steps.

1. After completing your web publish, the site will open in your browser.

Open the Site

2. Since we set up our database connection string earlier, the value in the form should be correct. Click Next

3. It will begin setting up the database. There are a LOT of database objects, so this takes a while.

HINT: if you don’t already have your license, jump down to the next step to get it while your database is being hydrated.

Creation Log

c. It will then prompt you to enter the license.

License Prompt

HINT: Occasionally the process will stall out without getting through all of the database steps. If that happens, just delete the database and recreate it. As long as you leave the resource group in place and create the database on the same server with the same name, the process only takes a minute or two. Then publish the site and try again. If you get an error trying to republish the web app, try restarting the web app on the azure portal.

4. Be sure to leave that window open, and open a new window to

5. On the Free Edition, click the New License Key button

Pick New Key

6. Enter your Azure URL and click generate

Choose Edition

7. Then copy the entire contents of the License key field and paste it back into your site dialog (step 3.d above).

Copy Key

8. When you click Next, it will prompt you to select your starter site. If you’re using the free license, your options will be limited. I’m choosing the personal site. After selecting, click next.

Choose Starter Site

9. It will then go through the process of importing the template’s objects.

10. And finally, it will say the site has been created successfully and give you a link to your website.


Initial Load

11. Continue on with your first time administration setup.

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