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Kentico on Azure: First Admin Load

Now that your site has loaded for the first time, you’re going to want to immediately change the admin password.

1. Open your site’s admin over https:, for me this is

2. Enter user name Administrator and leave the password blank.

Sign In

3. Once signed in, go to the User’s application

a. Click the Kentico logo and then type users in the search.

Open User Application

4. Click the edit symbol next to the administrator account.

Choose Admin User

5. Then click the password tab, and change the password to something solid like Passw0rd! or something even more secure.

6. Then go back to the user list.

Set Password

7. You’ll see that Abi also has an empty password and she is an Editor. Either delete her account using the trash can or set a secure password for her as well. My name isn’t Abi, so I just deleted that account. I’ll create my actual editor account later on.

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