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SharePoem – ugh

You don’t see a lot of SharePoint poetry out there and there’s a reason for that – it would be terrible.  However, some of you may enjoy a bit of terrible niche poetry on a Monday morning.  For you yet-to-be-institutionalized folk out there I’m posting this piece that I wrote for a coworker.  I run my company’s internal SharePoint Group and Mike was our featured speaker last week. Since our meeting invitations go out through the company news letter, I try to keep them from being too bland.

Michael McNett is McNuts about SharePoint.
He’s a fan of Fast Search and a Friend to refining.
Content types make him cry like he’s christened a son.
Extranets excite him and his eyes you’d see shining
If integrating InfoPath is the job to be done.
Populating profile properties is Mike’s thrill.
He loves publishing the perfect profile post.
His RoadMap is no ruse. If you need things done right,
It’s the best way to ensure that your timeline is tight.

BTW, you can find Mike’s through his blog,, on LinkedIn or twitter (@CIO_Mike)

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