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To Wordpress or Not to Wordpress…

I've been thinking about moving this blog over to the Wordpress platform.

Alas, I am torn. On one hand, I am a SharePoint developer and I think there is a lot of value to be learned simply by existing in that ecosystem. Plus the WP platform is new to me so the conversion may be a bit more effort than I'm ready to bite off.

On the other hand, the SP blog engine just isn't that mature. There are a ton of ready-made tools and plug ins available for wordpress blogs. Plus, I'd be spinning it up inside Microsoft Web Matrix ( and learning that new bit of tech is appealing.

Thoughts? I guess you can email them to me since this is a SharePoint blog and support for public comments is not there (rmiller (at) mylocalbroadband (dot) com

Posted: 2/7/2011 9:09:00 AM by Ryan Miller | with 0 comments
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