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ToDo – Research


Sheesh, you know, when your head down delivering solutions for clients it’s tough to make time for research.  I find myself now 1/2 way through 2011 with an ever growing ToResearch list.

Here’s my list:

SP2010 Dataview Webpart – As a developer, I’ve done amazing things with this in SP2007. So far in SP2010 I’ve been mostly playing the part of Architect.  I need to go back and check out the updates to this web part, which are extensive.

SP2010 Content Query Webpart – I personally thought this was the most powerful web part in SP 2007 and it’s undergone some great advancements in 2010.  I want to get some more hands-on with the new version.

External Content Types – I’ve seen demos.  I’ve heard it touted as the future of external data access.  It sounds great, but I don’t thing they quite have parity with data in a standard list, also the client side object model has the ability to reach out to external data.

Access Services – MS made a big investment here, it seems like these should have a place at the table, I’m just not sure what that place looks like or how it fits in with the other SP technologies.

Nintex products – Nintex has a couple new products in the works (sorry, they’re under NDA).  They look exciting and I need to see how they affect the landscape.

Ruby on Rails – As a Microsoft .NET guy, this is the other side of the fence for me.  I know almost nothing about it.  I heard an interview with the Rails creator on This Developer’s Life and he was so enthusiastic about it, it made me want to know more.  What makes this so good and how can that be applied to what I do.

PowerShell – ‘nuff said

TDD – Honestly, so far I have not been on board with TDD in my SP projects.  Advances have been made in the product and the tools though so it’s time I revisit.

REST services and their use in SP2010.

SP Software Factory – I recently saw a reference to this CodePlex project and it seems intriguing.

Analytics Pattern – There was a great interview with Sebastian Holst, CMO of PreEmtive Solutions, in the WPDev Podcast. The interview touched on runtime intelligence and how to embed its capture in your apps.  He was talking specifically about WP7 apps, but the applications (huh huh get it?) are definitely wider than that.

Patterns and Practices – The ever changing patterns and practices.  I want to dig into what’s updated and how it relates to SP 2010.  in particular MVC, MVVM.

JQuery Mobile – The Silverlight webpart is great, unless your users are on an iPhone or iPad (or WP7).

That’s my list.  What’s yours look like?

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