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The Other Usage Reports

Just about everyone is aware of the Site & Site Collection Usage Reports that are available in MOSS. These are the reports that are linked from the settings page in MOSS. They give you some basic roll information about the last 30 days' activities. Though the numbers aren't completely intuitive, Mark Arend explained them quite a while ago.

However, there is another, lesser known, set of reports that have come over from WSS. These reports aren't linked anywhere from MOSS, but they remain available to anyone that knows the right url, which is <site collection>/_layouts/usage.aspx

Three pages make up this set of reports.


/_layouts/usage.aspx - This is the page url you need to remember.

In addition to providing you links to the other pages, it gives you some high level information that isn't really available anywhere else.

  • Current Storage Used
  • Number of unique users defined.
  • Recent Bandwidth usage.


Linked from usage.aspx in the storage description section

Caveat - this report is only available if you have your site quota turned on. It gives you some great information though that you can't find anywhere else, so that may be a sufficient reason to turn on your site quota on.

At the top, it will give you a quick graph of how much space you have used vs how much is left in your quota. Below that, you can get more specific information about the content that makes up that space.

A drop down control lets you choose to see detail about Libraries, Documents, Lists, or the Recycle Bin.

You can see in that clip that the largest file in my site is my Branding presentation within my documents library. The presentation is taking up 13.1MB of space, of which 6.8MB actually storage of previous versions.


Linked from usage.aspx in the user and activity description sections.

These reports will give you 30 day totals or the daily detail for page requests, user activity, OS, Browser or referrers. Most of this information has been improved in the MOSS usage reports, but sometimes it's nice to supplement the data with this more-raw format.

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