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Speaking at COSPUG Lightning Talks


due to some extreme technical difficulties with the projectors in the room, the Lightning talks are going to be rescheduled for a later COSPUG meeting.

*End Update*

For those in Columbus next week, we should have an interesting meeting at COSPUG (Central Ohio SharePoint User Group). I'll be one of 8 speakers giving short presentations at the meeting. There should be something for everybody. My talk will be about workflow.

The layout of the meeting is this:

Time frame for meeting

  • April 15, 2010
  • MC open meeting 5:30-5:35pm
  • Sponsor presentation 5:35pm-6:00pm
  • Lightning Talk presentations begin 6:00pm until completed roughly around 7:30pm
  • Audience votes on best presentation, prize is awarded
  • SharePint afterwards

Order of speakers

  1. Kelly Jones
  2. Frank Domanico
  3. Alla Fridman
  4. Ricardo Wilkens
  5. Ryan Miller
  6. Rob Roach
  7. Bernie Hockswender (or alternate on wait list)
  8. Rick Stokes

    Even though Lightning Talks aren't scehduled to start until 6pm, please be ready to speak by 5:30pm in case the schedule moves faster.  Each speaker will have a maximum of 10 minutes to speak and do Q&A.   The time limit will be enforced with a timer.  Due to the style of these talks you are not permitted to go over even if you are in the middle of your presentation or Q&A, so please prepare your presentation accordingly.  After each presentation is complete the next speaker will have 3 minutes to set up their presentation (hook up laptop, etc.)

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