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A Case Study in Content Types - The End?

This series of Case Studies in Content Types is a repost from my archives. The series detailed my first foray into site columns and content types and if you're new to SharePoint, I hope it helps put you on track.


Continued From: A Case Study in Content Types - Part IV

So here's what I'm left with:  One set of content types for document libraries, and one content type for lists.  I guess, if I really wanted to do it right, I'd go back and create several document types for lists as well.  I'd duplicate all my document content types as list content types and mimic all the columns (meta data) I want to capture.  But would it be worth it?  Hopefully we'll feel out where that line is during the Pilot.

One other thing that bothers me... Maybe you've forgotten about the wiki I created.  Well the wiki document library doesn't allow you to add content types.  So I guess we're kind of stuck on that one.  We'll just have to leave it as a wiki with added site columns.

So until come up with a better way....

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